The Deciding Factors for Choosing Fabric for Sports Apparel

Sports apparel is not just made for style and comfort but also for optimizing athlete’s competitive performance. Sports apparel are manufactured by the sport apparel manufacturers taking into an account the discipline of the sport and factors such as skillful application, movements, action, efforts and motion. These factors have a profound influence on its final design and output. Sports apparel include shorts, tracksuits, t-shirts and polo shirts etc. and the same is used in the gyms for workout sessions. Stretch, comfort and recovery are still the key basic requirements for most of the sport apparels irrespective of their disciplines. In this post, we share some of the deciding factors for choosing the fabric for your sports apparel.

Since most of the gym sessions and sports are physically demanding, the sports apparel’s fabric should be able to soak the perspiration that gets on your clothes during the intense exercise session and times of physical exertion. Fabrics that don’t counter perspiration/sweat greatly restrict the free-flowing movement causing you unnecessary discomfort.

Ideally, the sports apparel should be made of such fabrics that has good stretching ability to enable an easier movement. Polyester is a preferred fabric for most of the sports apparels and since it has a high number of perforations, it helps evaporating the sweat away to your surrounding air faster.

Sports apparel design is made after taken into an account the environment where they will be worn in and hence, the fabrics with moisture wicking qualities are used for humid and warm atmospheres, while breathable fabrics are good for winter sports as these have high insulating properties.
Other good choices include:
• Polyester
• Synthetic Fabric
• Miracle Microfiber
• Cotton
• Calico
• Spandex
• Nylon
• Polypropylene.
• Goretex
• Kevlar
• Coated fabrics
• Bonded fabrics
If your sports apparel doesn’t fulfill the mentioned requirements, it’s the high time to change your clothing. Try some of the stuff made of the mentioned choices and let us know your experience.

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